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As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner, ScaleCapacity holds multiple competency designations, including migrations, DevOps, and Digital Workplace.

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AWS Well-Architected Review

At ScaleCapacity, we practice well-architected reviews with our customers by deeply engaging with them to understand their business objectives and existing infrastructure, conducting comprehensive assessments against the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s pillars, identifying gaps and prioritizing improvements, offering actionable recommendations and implementation support, maintaining an ongoing partnership for monitoring and iteration, and providing transparent documentation and reporting. Through these steps, we commit to optimizing our customers’ AWS environments for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability enhancing our partnership’s strength and contributing to their cloud initiative success.

  • Engagement: We initiate the well-architected review by engaging deeply with our customers, striving to understand their unique business objectives, their existing infrastructure, and the specific AWS services they are currently using or plan to implement.
  • Assessment: Our dedicated team conducts a thorough assessment of the customer’s architecture, meticulously examining it through the lens of the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s five pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization. This entails reviewing configurations, security measures, scalability strategies, and cost management practices.
  • Gap Analysis: Identifying gaps and areas for enhancement is a cornerstone of our process. We prioritize these findings based on their potential impact on our customer’s business operations, regulatory compliance, and cost-efficiency.
  • Recommendations: Our experts offer clear and actionable recommendations, including proposed changes, architectural enhancements, and strategies for optimizing the use of AWS services to address the identified gaps.
  • Implementation Support: We provide hands-on assistance and guidance throughout the implementation phase. This may involve collaborating closely with our customer’s IT team, offering tailored training, or leveraging AWS services and tools to expedite the process.
  • Monitoring and Iteration: We remain deeply involved with our customers post-implementation, monitoring the impact of the changes and making iterative refinements as necessary. This ongoing partnership ensures that their architecture stays aligned with AWS best practices as their needs evolve.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Our commitment to transparency includes maintaining comprehensive documentation of the review process, findings, recommendations, and progress achieved. We also provide regular reports to our customers, keeping them informed about the status of their architecture and the benefits realized through our well-architected review process.

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