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Cloud Migration Services

  • Application Discovery - Discover On-Premises Applications to Streamline Migration
  • Server Migration - Migrate On-Premises Servers to AWS
  • AWS Snowball - Petabyte-scale Data Transport

Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Analyze your AWS Cost and Usage
  • Set Custom Cost and Usage Budgets
  • Reserved instance strategy/planning

Managed Cloud Service

  • Fully managed cloud operations
  • DevOps
  • 24/7

The Migration Process

There may be some cases where you contemplate large legacy migrations in isolation, however, we are finding that migrations are usually part of a larger enterprise transformation effort. Our migration process follows a 5 phase approach based on industry best practices.


Preparation &
Business Planing

Discovery &



& Validation

The Migration Strategies

Organizations usually begin to think about how they will migrate an application during Phase 2 of the migration process. This is when you determine what is in your environment and the migration strategy for each application


Our team has the experience migrating the most common enterprise applications


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The team at ScaleCapacity was very easy to work with and is very knowledgeable. They are assisting us with the scripting of resources using CloudFormation as well as helping us with our CI/CD pipeline components in AWS. We are very happy to have found them and continue working with them and certainly recommend them!

Dan Poliakov

After suffering with my last developer, finding ScaleCapacity from AWS IQ was the best thing that happened to my business. They are great and professional with an emphasis on quality.

Oscar Valencia

I had a problem connecting my data to Redshift. Seemed so simple however having tried numerous people including the AWS paid support we could not get to the bottom of the issue. Finally this team helped me giving me clear instructions on what went wrong with diagrams and phone calls. Very pleased with their support.

Bushra Akhtar

You found what you're looking for right here. These guys have a strong focus on customer-service, apparent as base business through my interactions so far. This is a capable team, able to tackle everything from AWS Infrastructure to Web Server Coding. They communicate extremely well, have a simultaneous presence in the USA and Abroad, and were willing to discuss my project like real human beings at length prior to engaging in any commitments. I already trust them, and I already know that with such excellent communication as a core value, there will be much less risk to any development work we start. In addition to this, a problem that had been plaguing me for days, with HTTPS Listeners and getting 503 errors on my load balancer, was solved within a 1 hour session remotely without even handing over control of the computer or granting any access rights. They literally talked me through the troubleshooting and solution. With extreme patience and respect. I was amazed, and honestly convinced to keep these guys on speed dial from that point. Thanks again. Looking forward to some larger scopes coming up.

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Dustin Basker

Great experience working with ScaleCapacity team. Responsive, reliable, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you

Pedro Moor

ScaleCapacity helped us without cloud strategy, and POC of our use cases. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Besides our asked, they went above and beyond and helped us educate using AWS benefits, considerations and best practices. Overall very satisfied with their services, we will certainly work with them again on future projects.

Hardik Desai

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