Amazon EC2 for Windows Workloads

The AWS Cloud offers the best environment for Windows, and it’s the most appropriate cloud platform to run Windows-based applications on. Windows on Amazon EC2 allows you to increase or decrease capacity in minutes, scaling at a fraction of the time it usually takes with on-premises servers. It is possible to hire one, hundreds, or even thousands of server instances simultaneously.

Migrate and Modernize Your Windows-based Solutions

Seamless Migration

Easily integrate workloads

We help you migrate complex Microsoft workloads to AWS for greater scalability, improved performance, and increased reliability. Our team of expert developers builds, deploys, and supports Microsoft applications in the AWS Cloud using EC2 and RDS for storing, securing, and managing your solutions.

Scalable Computing

Develop and deploy faster

With EC2 for Windows Server, you can scale capacity up or down, easily responding to changing requirements and traffic bursts. Launch as few or many virtual servers as you need simultaneously. This flexibility supports rapid agile development implemented by the reliability and cost efficiencies of the AWS Cloud.

AWS Services

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