Migrate data to S3 with AWS DataSync and Snowcone

First, let’s unlock the snowcone device that we have: Open the AWS OpsHub application. If you are a first-time user, you are prompted to choose a language, and then choose Next. On the Select your device page, choose Snowcone, and then choose Next. 3. If you don’t have a device, you can order one from […]

Create a File Gateway in a Secured AWS VPC

So let’s get this started: Go to VPC Dashboard from AWS Console Choose Endpoints from the left panel, and then choose Create Endpoint. On the Create Endpoint page, choose AWS Services for Service category. For Service Name, choose com.amazonaws.region.storagegateway. For example com.amazonaws.us-east-2.storagegateway For VPC, choose your VPC and note its Availability Zones and subnets( for this I would prefer you use Custom VPC, and choose private subnets […]

AWS IoT setup for Water Level Sensing

In this post of mine, I would be taking you through the steps for setting up a system that continuously detects the water level of a water container and sends the water level data to AWS IoT and on the basis of the readings send notifications for low or high-water level using AWS SNS. The […]