AWS Config Specialization

AWS Config provides a detailed view of the configuration of AWS resources in your AWS account. This includes how the resources are related to one another and how they were configured in the past so that you can see how the configurations and relationships change over time.

An AWS resource is an entity you can work with in AWS, such as an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance, an Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume, a security group, or an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Our Strategy

ScaleCapacity can assist in deploying AWS Config by providing expertise and guidance throughout the process. We can help with architectural design, Auditing and Compliance, and overseeing your application resources with AWS Config. We assist with conformance packs implementation, AWS Config Aggregators, and advanced querying of resource configuration states. We Offer support for security best practices, monitoring and logging setup and remediation actions with AWS Config.

AWS Services

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